Quintin Medical Centre

Hawkswood Road, Hailsham, East Sussex BN27 1UG
Dr Kerstin Edwards; Dr Dominic Gray; Dr Grazyna Gardner; Dr Rozanne Lowe; Dr Jennifer Smithson

Triage Service & Appointment System Update

Quintin Medical Centre – Triage service & appointment system update

We aim to reduce appointment waiting time(s), and direct you to the most appropriate practitioner, to improve patient satisfaction. This will also ensure that patients are seen by the most suitable practitioner.

Please help us to help you…

  • Reception staff may need to ask you the reason for your appointment. They will need to ask this to help them direct you to the most suitable practitioner. (This may not always be the GP). Our reception team are an invaluable asset. They are all suitably trained for the role they carry out & follow the same privacy policy & procedures as the GPs & Nurses
  • We understand the need for privacy. Please let the receptionist know if you would rather discuss this in private
  • Once you have received your appointment date & time, please ensure you have written it down as a lot of time is spent looking this up for patients who have forgotten
  • We DO NOT see or treat dental issues; you will need to contact your own dentist or the emergency dentist for Hailsham (01323 449170)
  • Please call after 11am to book any non-urgent/routine or follow up appointments
  • Please call after 2pm for any test results
  • If you have requested access to your patient online detailed coded records, please contact us after 21 days of applying to arrange to come in to receive your log-in certificate
  • Please tell us if your contact details change. We may not be able to contact you if you haven’t updated us
  • We will always try our best to help you with your problems but we will not tolerate verbal abuse or violence
  • Thank you for your continued support